Wednesday, October 01, 2014

I'm Back

I goes through my blog myself after quite long intervals and interestingly some of the last post only says that i'm back and i vows to remain regular here.So this time around i skipped my regular words.In last 3-4 years life in and around changed a lot.On personal level i turned married from bachelor
and upgraded to parenthood lately.
And finally i came nearer to wrong side of 30's but gain some of lost self confidence also with it.

In last some years i also lost some of my near ones

and that is while heart wrenching experience also teaches a lot. But further exploration of personal matters will be kept for further blogs.

At work level world economy tumbled around 5 years back and its reverberations felt here also but not suddenly but slowly.
Banking sector indirectly bore the burnt and focus shifted from growth to survival.Industry is still in friction mode and it affects our work and work life balance negatively. 

Socially PSB work culture makes you reclusive but social networking come to rescue.First it was Orkut which is history now and now we have FB and Whatsapp.
And in last few years due to these i reconnected to many of my age old pals.Its 24 hour availability makes it more so convenient and it seems it will remain here  for sure albeit it may change forms.

I lost my interest in politics in last few years but it is the essential vehicle for development and one can't escape from it. Country saw saffron rise to unimaginable level in which right wing party got majority on its own and whereas its first for saffron party it is first in 3 decades for any party in India.
Credit for this sweeping success goes to charismatic leader Naredra Modi and his man friday Amit Shah.We also witnessed a blip AAP on political arena which roared much but delivered less.Congress a party which was synonymous for Indian politics is facing it's one of the biggest challenge for survival.

In movies bollywood got a new elite class in the name of 100 Crores club.Finally we saw many movies each year minting money to new unprecedented levels but artistically whether bollywood progressed is remain questionable.

In recent years India got many sports icons on regular basis and  they are not only from Cricket or Tennis but from various sports activities
but overall situation not change much and cricket is still biggest religion of India.

There are much more to discuss and its seems endless but its over for today.Further dwelling on various matters may be done in further blogs.

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