Saturday, March 19, 2005


The first day of Jan is our last day at Staff College.There are only doubt clarification classes in the morning.In afternoon there was a valediction session in which Sunil and Jeena presented an idol of Lord Krishna to our Principal on behalf of our batch.
After the ceremony many person goes for packing as theey have to live the STC today.Even Swarup left the STC as he felt bad about the Principal's remark that Chennaites will leave the place in forenoon(tomorrow indeed).So naturally I am also worried and hence Irush to my brach as my CM promised us to help.Our Principal gave lift to Satyam and me upto bus stop.
When we reach the office our CM takes us very warmly but there was a bad news waiting for us as Mr. Vishwesh failed to fix a room for us.But our CM told us that we don't switch the panic button now and he introduced us with Mr.Saunder Rajan.
Welcome to South and south's hospitality.

Monday, March 14, 2005


So Chennai is hot .Everybody uses this phrase in her own context.I have my own context.
Last Year on the 11th day of December when I toched the grounds of Chennai I have not much in mind.I am only concerned about my trainings and only thinking about that.I think that they annonce in 1-2 days that where i have to go and as for preparation i brought some warm clothes also.But they kept us in dark for about one week and then what they announce is as they say is history.
In three week period at Staff College I never feel (or try to feel)that what is Chennai.There we all boys from north and the air was heavy with Hindi(despite the fact that lectures were taught in English)