Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Yesterday I went to Staff College with Satyam.There principal J.Royappan met us in the porch,just in front of the office.He talked very cordialy and ask us about our experiences.When I said him my purpous then he ask me to consult faculty mbers.In varanda we met with Mr. Sivakumar,Mr. Haridas and later Mr. Murlidharan also.Mr. Sivakumar receive us very nicely,offered coffee and talked about our experiences.Mr.Haridas ask for the xerox of the JAIIB syllabus and ask me to call him on thursday afternoon.Mr. Muralidharan ask us to go through the book of Tennon and advised us to visit Higginbothams for this.Then we also met Mr. venktesh and our rajbhasa dep. teacher.

From Thirumangalam we take the bus for Adyar. In adyar we got the 23C for Besant Nagar.There I had not quite sure about the exact location of Swarup's room but somehow I make it out and met with Acharya at the doorstep.We while our time by talking.Swarup serve us Maggy for lunch which I enjoyed very much.After sometime Satyam returned but I stayed and wait for Sudhansu.

Then we threesome went to Elliot Beach.It was a ideal time for going near beach after this hot day.Cool sea breezes just swept me away.I was mesmerized by the enchanting beauty of Sea Waves,Sunset and Moonlight.When light golden moonlight falls on the surface of roaring waves I forget everything and thought this the true beauty.It looks like a great work of art.Some what like the Painting of Machail Angelo or a music composition by Beethovan .But not this looks like more beautiful then all art works.After 8'o clock I left their place for my room.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


For many days my co-workers were demanding a joining party from me and today they got it. With the help of mr.Asithambi I gave joining party jointly with mr.Kannan.I join Adambakkam branch on 2nd of Jan. So it is a long due on me.Person from Beta and Amc EC also join the party..Yesterday I asked Mr.Venkat to invite Mr.Viswesh also,so he was also there and the gentleman first gave me thanks in CM chamber.The menu was a south one with a little dash of north.It includes poori,3-4 types of vegetables,4 types of rice,shamber,rasam,chips and sweets and also paan in the end.I think I interacted well with all of them.

But the real surprise came late in nthe afternoon when both Mr.Soundarrajan and our CM Mr.MuthuKrishnan praises me for my dedication to work and my attitude and confidence.It was really a great moment for me to heard praises like this.Everybody in branch is curious about my handling of Dep.Section and doing the DM's job.

I also enjoyed these experiences.