Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Inquisitiveness is the key behind many works done by us and its more when you were child.So was mine story from the early childhood i was very inquisitive.And more and so the most intrigue thing in the world is reason behind our existence,human behavior and its related aspects.So i stumble upon many things and and theories which try to explain all this and in this journey which is still not finished the theory that fascinated me mostly is Advaita closely followed by Modern Science,and i find many analogy between them making it more fascinating to me.As per theory Adi Shankara establishes Advaita which is based on the teachings given in Upanishads as a class of philosophy as well as a way of life when Hiduism was facing stiff resistance from Buddhism.Main tenets of Advaita are given in Upanishads in the form of short preaching or stories and Adi Shankara explained them in light of Advaita philosophy.  

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