Saturday, February 24, 2007


Its along time I'm coming back.But i believe in dictum that its important that I'm again here may be its late but it is better than not coming at all.
There has been lots of happening between my last blog and this one.
Not only time has elapsed but i think that I'm now on a much higher plane in terms of maturity and spirituality.

My favorite topic is Human psychology and I'm exploring it every moment.I'm exploring it through books,movies,net etc.But for last two years I got to explore it firsthand.As due to my work I was posted to various parts of my country so think in many ways God gifted me with this beautiful opportunity to know his creation better ,to know myself better.
Actually I believe that we all are alike in many(almost every,not almost indeed in every)way.and my real life experience also confirm this view.
I think that nobody is doing any harm to anyone albeit it seems so but actually in every moment everybody is doing exactly what the best possible work is there for her.
Everybody is really applying their best effort!
This question naturally comes to mind but if we just apply three thoughts then all becomes crystal clear:
  • You are thinking from your point of view,just start thinking from her point of view.
  • Believe everybody has equal capabilities only what makes difference is that they are not aware about it and doing the things what limited view they are having about themselves and world around them.
  • Think always optimistic.Keep faith in yourself,in people around you and in every being.


Tricia said...

You write very well.

bhooma said...

I appreciate your view in life. I think all biologist will think the same way!!!